Ironman Lanzarote 2014 race report – by Tony Cullen

Tony Cullen Bike

Tony Cullen on Lanzarote’s Exposed and Windy Bike Course

After spending 12 months racing Olympic and 70.3 distance with the intentions of gaining some extra speed and power, it was time to see if it had worked as I returned to Ironman racing at Lanzarote.

The Swim (carnage!)

2200 athletes squeezed into a space of only 30 wide. When the gun sounded it was every man and women for themselves. I spent 3/4 of the first lap fighting for some space. After that it was pretty plain sailing and I clocked 59.20.

The Bike (brutal!)

Patience was going to be key on this tough bike course. I was using power so was able to control my effort throughout and focused more on my nutrition. It was hard to let so many people fly past me over the first 2hrs but i stayed patient and they all came back to me before the end.

Bike time 5:24:30

The Run (hot!)

After not running since October due to injury. I knew this marathon was going to be a sufferfest. I left T2 at a very easy pace and decided to take it 5mile at a time, focusing again on hydration and nutrition. 5mile came then 10 and so on until the legs started to go at 22miles and then it turned into a quest for survival. I did my best to avoid the famous IM shuffle to finish in 3:23:45.

I finished in an overall time 9:55:50 48th overall and 7th in AG.

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