TTT update, June 2015 – by Chris Standidge

beth-ironman-70.3-staffsThere has been plenty of devastating news over the last week to all those involved in triathlon in the North West and in particular to those involved with Chester Tri Club with the sad news about Alan Cronin.  It really does bring home how lucky we are and how we need to grasp every moment.

This weekend’s racing was one of those moments that makes me extremely proud to head up TTT and what we stand for.  No matter where people are on this journey, whether you are just starting triathlon or have been doing this 20 years, we want everybody to do the best they can with what they have.

On a personal level, you don’t get too many days where everything falls into place, like they did On Sunday. Probably 2 years worth of training since the last time it happened at Liverpool, but when it does happen it’s all the more satisfying.

The coaches also very much lead from the front yesterday:

Beth Hughes – put herself on the line, rode the same bike split as many of the Pros finishing in the top 5. Power way up on anything she had down previously. Took a chance, it didn’t quite come off in the 2nd half of the run, but a lot learnt and still an amazing and brave performance. Reward for the dedication she shows and 2nd in age group, already had a World Champs slot from Miami earlier in the year.

Tony Cullen – outstanding bike leg, again put himself on the line and finished 2nd in age group. Overall great performance that we come to expect from Tony. Dedication 2nd to none, always thinking and working on how we maximise our performance and how we learn from the very best in the sport. Gained a World Champs slot but will finish racing after IMUK in July for the year.

Our other coaches go to battle at Wimbleball in 2 weeks with Phil and Claire seeking World 70.3 Champs slots, so best of luck to both of them.

Other athletes to point out from the weekend…

Tom Garbett – youngest person in the race at Staffs at only 18 years old. Won 3rd place in the 18-24 age group.  It was his first half Ironman and a great start to what will be a great career at the distance.

Tom Williams – 3rd in age group at Deva in the English Champs, following on from a similar bronze from the British Champs at Liverpool last year.

Nik Avraam – by far the strongest performance so far in the 3 years he has been coached. The hard work is paying off!

Vic Bellamy – raced her last race, got 10th in the Age group and could have taken a slot for World Champs. Well done Vic!

Matt Edwards – great performance on his road to IMUK in 5 weeks. One of the most consistent athletes this year in terms of training.

Pam Wilson – struggled with injury these last 6 weeks, strong bike leg and again a stepping stone towards IMUK.

John Wallas – first half ironman, solid across the board despite a tumble on the bike, great race!

Zowie Wild – first Olympic Distance at Deva. Has started this year from nothing and already made great inroads.

So many great performances!  As we approach these next few weeks, some of us into big races like Ironman, European Champs, 70.3 Qualifiers etc, there will be times when we question what is it all for….everyone of us will have those thoughts, for me this weekend showed and reminded me what it’s all about.


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