Weekend round up: European 70.3 season kicks off and general race goings on…

Chris Standidge (middle), Phil Murphy (right)

European 70.3 season is underway!

It has been a long hard winter for a lot of Total Tri athletes, so the start of the longer distance race season has been eagerly anticipated for many with good numbers racing somewhere in Europe over the next 2 to 3 weeks.


Chris Standidge

Phil Murphy

Last weekend it all kicked off with 2 of our coaches travelling to Lisbon for Challenge Lisbon, a 70.3 race that has been going some years but has recently been acquired by the Challenge Group.

Phil Murphy and Chris Standidge entered this both looking for big performances and both came away very happy with their first big race of the year. Chris taking the overall non-Pro race win with Phil in 3rd place and this was mirrored in their category with a very fast running Russian separating the two of them. Overall including the Pro’s Chris was 14th and Phil 20th.


Neil Pirie

Tim (left) and Claire (right) Riding

Whilst on the topic of 70.3 racing this weekend sees 5 Total Tri athletes racing at Mallorca 70.3. Tom Garbett and Scott Welsby both race in the 18-24 Cat, Claire and Tim Riding are also in action with Claire treating it as a training race after a difficult last few months and Tim hoping for a great day out to show what all his hard work is for. And Finally, Neil Pirie goes in the 60-64 age group in his first Triathlon. Neil came to us 6 months ago with very little experience in swim and limited amounts of time done running and cycling in the last few years. From very humble beginnings he has shocked himself every week this winter, going from struggling to swim 100m to doing 3km swim sets with no real worries and climbing big mountains on his bike just for fun – wish you all the very best of luck this weekend guys – you all deserve to achieve your goals.


Natasha Smith

Last Saturday saw Alex Ward and Cole Drews both ride well in the Dunkinfield 50 mile TT in Cheshire with a 2:06 for Alex and a 2:00 dead for Cole – very well done both, good riding!  Natasha Smith’s season continues to go from strength to strength with a 2nd place at the battlefield long course Duathlon and Nick Rose had a hard day out by his own admission at the Stratford Marathon running well down on his PB but as ever chalking it down to good experience.

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