Weekly round up….British summer weather took its toll on many races last weekend!!

Julie Cullen

The season is definitely slowing down with a much quieter racing weekend.
At Bala we had a few athletes racing in atrocious conditions Julie Cullen raced it as her ‘A’ race but despite it being really cold on the bike and having to double check on the run that she had actually taken her bike shoes off and put her trainers on as her feet were so numb. Julie raced a whole 10mins quicker than Deva in June and knocked 8mins off her bike time so a cracking end to the season and well deserved from all the hard work that has gone in this year.
In the men’s race John Wallas and Paul Chesworth were both chasing qualifying slots for 2018 European Champs. John came home in 2:15:30 and Paul 2:25:59 both await further news on the overall qualification.

Tammy Lee and Clare Page

Also battling the horrendous weather in N Wales was Tammy Lee who completed her first ultra at the Clwydian 30mile event, which encompassed an impressive 5 peaks with one done twice! She had a great race but has passed on some insightful advice of never underestimating your local hills!! Along with race partner Clare Page they came home as the first two ladies.
Coach Phil Murphy battled tough wind conditions at the Chester RC 50m TT and won overall with a great ride of 1:53 as he builds to his final race of the year in November.

Claire Sutcliffe and Steve Holliman

Coach Claire Sutcliffe head to Scotland with Steve Holliman to race the Swim Run Loch Lomond long course which incorporated 8km of swimming and 24km of off road running all split up in to 10 runs and 10 swim all working it’s way across the little islands in Loch Lomond with what felt like a great mountain (hill) which they scrambled up! It took them 6hrs 50mins to complete in horrendous conditions although the pouring rain wasn’t a major issue with all the swimming! Best news of all is that they are still talking to each other!!

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