Athlete Greg Irving finishes 2017 with his 5th IM of the year!….

Congratulations to TTT athlete Greg Irving on completing IM Cozumel last weekend, this was his 5th !! IM of 2017. In what was a record breaking day for the professionals turned out to be a longer day for some of the AG athletes. Greg smashed the non-wetsuit swim with a 9 min PB to come out in 1.02. The bike was a 3 lap circular route on exposed roads to the wind (discs are banned), this obviously has advantages and disadvantages. Greg stuck to his power numbers and completed the bike in 6 hours exactly. The run by this time was getting pretty hot and the local organizers recognize this with 42 aid stations, 1 each KM to account for the heat. A good start over the first 10km was slowly undone due to serious GI issues. Greg battled on in the heat to complete his last IM of the season in 14.07. A lot learned in the last 30km of an IM but congratulations on completing a long and successful season. IMNZ next in 2018.

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