How to get better…. FAST. From novice to 10.16 Ironman in 1 year

A great little read below from one of our most dedicated new athletes, Chris Cox. I am sure Chris won’t mind us saying that when he started with us he was far from you stereo-typical “athlete” but he had the one thing that counts the most…….. dedication. He sent this to us as a foot note on a race report to help other new athletes understand from the start what it takes to succeed:

I class myself as a novice in the sport with this last 11 months moving me towards amateur level. What’s changed in this time? Coaching is the single most obvious reason, having a coach that learnt about me, my routines, my desires and my focus very quickly, someone who knew when and where to push and when and where to hold me back….Consistency is the biggest factor in becoming stronger, fitter and faster in my opinion. Completing sessions as they are detailed on the plan as much as possible, there is a reason behind the way they are set out and I personally followed them to the letter. Gym work, I know a lot of people will drop these sessions first if they are short on time, these sessions were pivotal for me for conditioning, balance, mobility, strength, core, flexibility and injury prevention, these tied in with foam rolling (5-10mins) most days helped me in every discipline. Massage, I used to get massaged once injured, I then started getting a maintenance massage monthly, then bi-weekly and then weekly in the last month leading up to the race, this helped massively for me and kept any niggles at bay.

Diet. I watch what I eat whilst still not depriving myself, if I want chocolate, I will have it, Easter kills me! I used to be obsessed with being in calorie deficit but the better foods you eat, the harder this becomes as lots of good foods are so calorie dense, nuts being a prime example. I didn’t have to make huge changes to my diet, I just became more conscious of the food

Chris Cox

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