It’s the “Off season” lets hit the gym!

But wtf do we do when we get there?

Winter or the off season is that time of year you get to re-focus, take on-board all the learnings from the last season, address any issues with technique, injuries or areas of weakness in your body and start to build a strong solid base to launch your next season off.

BUT Where do you start with getting strong for Triathlon?

Well first we need to understand the specific anatomical demands of our sport. Being a competitive Triathlete myself and having ticked off some of the most common Triathlete injuries and rehabilitation programs I feel I’m in a great position to translate this into something useable with my athletes. Couple that with my Personal Training & Sports Massage experience we’re onto a winner so what next?

Next we need to get a good understanding of you and any limiting factors you’re experiencing. I do this via a “Triathlete MOT”
This is a 1 hour session I test your muscular endurance, strength & power via a functional strength assessment as well as your flexibility via a full body Functional Movement screening.

Once I have collected this information I can then work on your plan. It takes a good 12 weeks of consistent training to achieve any results and I ask that you commit three sessions a week to your strength training plan. This is what is required to see measurable improvements. One of these will be done in person at S3 Fitness. The other two sessions can be completed at S3 Fitness (During Open Gym times) at Home or at your local gym.

The key is to not just develop strength for strength sake but to develop usable strength which I achieve through specific functional training programs using mainly the TRX suspension trainer. This is a tried and tested training method adopted by some of the top names in triathlon (Matt Dixon, Brownlee Brothers). Training peaks describe TRX suspension training quite nicely in this article. For specific injuries or imbalances we may need to use a combination of TRX, kettle bells, barbells and other training tools we have access to in our well equipped functional gym at S3 Fitness. You will receive coaching on all exercises and movements to ensure you are performing them correctly and your plans will progress each week as we measure your progress and feedback with you.

Triathlon Strength Training Services

Triathlete MOT – £50 (1 Hour at S3 Fitness Chester)
Including lifestyle assessment, blood pressure, Functional movement & mobility screening & functional strength & power assessment

12 week Strength Training Plan – £135 pm
Included in this package:
*12 week specific & progressive strength program – Incorporating 3 planned sessions per week, adapted as you progress each week. One performed at S3 Fitness, the remaining sessions conducted in your own time.
*Once a week face to face session at S3 Fitness – This will be performed in a small group (3 max) with other Triathletes. Session run Monday 7.30pm or Tuesday 6.30am
*Unlimited access to S3 Fitness classes & open gym time – S3 classes are extremely complimentary to any strength training programming. 25 classes per week covering fat burn, core strength and general all over body TRX strength training
*TRX suspension trainer – You will be given your own TRX for 12 weeks to complete your training at home. You will also be given the option to buy your TRX on completion of the program for £60 (RRP £160)

The next intake is starting the week of 5th November. Spaces are limited so to register your interest, please complete this enquiry form and Kate will give you a call to follow up.

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