A bit of insight into the background of Total Tri Training and how it came about….

“I first got involved in triathlon over 20 years ago as a 14 year old from a swimming and running background. In a short space of time I was representing GB at youth and junior level. Back then the sport was very much in its infancy, and has now developed into one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. Over the years the sport has brought me so much, from life long friendships to the chance to travel all over the world to places like Hawaii, St Croix and Abu Dhabi.

Although I am still racing myself as an age grouper, over the past 5-6 years I started helping other people to reach the next level on a low key basis. The results have been outstanding and each year I ended up taking on a couple more athletes until I reached a position where I was going to need more help. This is when Total Tri Training began in 2013. The additional coaches I took on had all been athletes of mine for a couple of years, had been through the programme and understood how to make the most of the time people had available to get the best results.

TTT is all about offering affordable coaching in the most professional way. Programmes are written very much on an individual basis and weekly, so that we can amend and tweak the training as we go along. We don’t say to our athletes you can have a 20 min Skype call once a month, we are available whenever and for however much time the athlete feels they need.

We also know how hard it is to do all of your training on your own, so we are now setting up an environment where like minded athletes can train together more regularly. Whether that’s weekly training sessions, UK based training weekends, warm weather training camps or competing in the same races we hope to bring athletes together on a regular basis to motivate and help push each other to new levels.” Chris Standidge, head coach.


Our athletes are what make Total Tri Training such a great team.  We love the passion for the sport that we share with each and every one of them whether they are a beginner just getting into triathlon or an elite world championship qualifier.

Total Tri Training has circa 200 athletes in the team plus all of the coaches who also race for the team.