Alexie Calvert-Ansari

Alexie-Calvert-Ansari-profileI retired from club rowing when my wife and I had our daughter, I tried running again but kept getting injured and ending up having an operation. Whilst off my feet, I decided to learn to swim and all logical decisions stemmed from there….! It was when I turned up to my first race (duathlon) and found myself running past some guys in GB vests that I suddenly thought there might be some point to this! I only started racing triathlon at the beginning of 2014 so at the moment I am sticking to the shorter distances as well as some duathlons.

My favourite race to date was the Ful-On Duathlon which was around the Top Gear test track. I would definitely say that my favourite discipline is the run however Chris is trying to get me loving the cycling of which I am getting there and I wish I could love the swimming but that will definitely take more time!

My triathlon achievements to date…surviving swimming sessions! 2nd overall (1st in AG) in The London Triathlon (sprint). 2nd overall (1st in AG) in the Richmond London Duathlon. Qualifying by the skin of my teeth for the 2014 World ITU Sprint Tri in Edmonton and placing 27th.

Outside of triathlon my hobby is playing polo, when triathlon allows! I came across Total Tri through my roommate in Edmonton who put me in touch with Chris as I wanted to take my training to the next level. I am new to the TTT team but I am really looking forward to seeing my progress and having structure to my training. I like having a coach that I can speak to and ask questions to whenever I want. Having a programme forces me to train, when sometimes I might have let a session slip. A more measured thought out approach to each session, rather than my previous approach of how long!