Bike fitting service

Having your bike fitted properly can increase performance, comfort and injury prevention.


Having an aerodynamic position on your bike will reduce the drag that your body creates and therefore you will gain free speed and bring down your bike splits.  And that’s without any extra training!


We all spend a lot of time in the saddle so being comfortable is key.

Having your bike properly fitted allows you to be confident that your pedals are correct, your seat post is at the right height, your handlebars are in the right position.

For those who race longer distance triathlon then being comfortable on your TT/road bike for 5+ hours is very important knowing that you will have to get off your bike at the end of it and run up to a marathon!


Injuries are often caused by repetitive strain on a muscle, joint or ligament that is not correctly aligned.

If you think of the number of rotations that your legs do during just one ride and then times this by the number of rides over a season then you can quickly see how injuries come about if you are not in the correct position on the first place.


At TTT we offer a professional bike fitting service at our Total Tri store in Chester by TTT coach Phil Murphy.

Sail and Ski inc. Total Tri
10 Queen Street

t: 01244 401449

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