Bike Servicing & Prices

Bronze Service | Pre Race Bike Check |  £30 (plus parts)

  • Checking frame and other core components for wear and damage
  • Checking that wheels are true and hubs, spokes, rims and tyres for damage
  • Alignment of brakes and checking operation and effectiveness
  • Lubricating chain and checking for wear
  • Inspecting brake pads for wear and damage
  • Setting gear stops and adjustment of indexing
  • Checking front chain wheel, rear sprockets/cassette for wear
  • Inspecting bottom bracket for play and adjustment
  • Checking alignment and wear of front and rear mechanics
  • Checking bearings, crank bolts and pedals for wear and damage
  • Inflating tyres to correct pressures

Silver Service | Good As New | £65 (plus parts)

  • Wheels
    • Remove and inspect wheels for damage to hubs, bearings, spokes, rims and tyres
    • Remove and clean cassette and inspect freehub (if fitted) for signs of wear
    • Gears and brakes
    • Replace gear and brake cables inner (additional £15 charge for integrated forks and headsets)

Gold Service | The Complete Package | £100 (plus parts)

  • Bike completely stripped and rebuilt and replacement of all cables

Additional services

  • Wheel true £25
  • Bottom bracket remove and replace £25 (plus parts)
  • Headset removal and replace £25 plus parts(£15 extra for electronic group sets or integrated forks (plus parts)
  • Pick up and drop off service £10 each way based within 10 miles of Chester (this is additional to any servicing charges)
  • Bike packing £30
  • Bike clean £10

How to book

If you would like to book in for one of our services then please complete the below form and one of our fitters will endeavour to be in touch within the next 24 hours.  Alternatively you can call Gavin Rogers on 07969 750743.