It’s Dave from work’s fault. You know Dave from work. Everybody has one. And when Dave finds out you do triathlon you know exactly what the next six words out of his mouth are going to be:

“So have you done an Ironman?”

At this point nothing but the affirmative will do. Alistair Brownlee (who has never done an Ironman) could reply:

“No, but I am the double Olympic champion at the standard distance.” He would still receive the same disappointed and underwhelmed response from Dave:

“Oh. I’ve got a mate who’s done several.”

There is nothing you can do at this point except grit your teeth and try not to punch Dave. Every triathlete has had this conversation. Which means that like it or not, sooner or later, every triathlete has to do an Iron distance triathlon. Read More

By the Numbers – an inside look at what it takes to go 4th Overall on your Ironman Debut – Phil Murphy interviews Total Tri’s own Rookie Pro Henry Irvine


PM – Hi Henry, Congratulations for the your result last weekend at Ironman UK. Being there to watch it was a pleasure, seeing someone willing to push the limits like that in unknown territory was amazing. Before we delve in to your race day performance and how you managed to come 4th place overall can you give us some background on how you got in to Triathlon?

Henry Irvine (HI): Having a sporty older brother I’d often copy things he was in to. When he completed Ironman Nice 10 years ago I knew I’d one day do one myself but I never expected it to become more than that! As a teenager I got in to road cycling thanks to my friend Nick and we both raced for Mid Devon Cycling Club, which has produced some of the UK’s top cyclists over the years and so I learned a great deal about how to approach training and racing.

Finally, after years of swimming, cycling and running for fun I finally completed my first two triathlons in 2016 and realised I was quite good at it. In 2017 I raced as an age-grouper and managed to gain strong enough results to earn an Ironman Pro Licence. Read More

My 1st race abroad and my first A race since being coached from last August, basically everything I have been training for for 11 months…. Austria is a hell of a place to get to with a bike but, what a country, it is absolutely gorgeous! Everyone involved with the event and locals are all on board and buy into the event whole heartedly, they love it.

I got there on the Friday via. Manchester, Munich, Graz and then Klagenfurt! Got to the hotel and had pre arranged a bike build purely to take the stress out of this first trip, happy with the decision on that one, went for a quick run down to the Expo and then out for some tea into town, Bruschetta and Pizza with PH 1500 to start the pre-loading, no dessert 👎 Read More