Following the 70.3 World Champs I felt at a bit of a cross roads. My goal of getting my pro licence was now real, but the last 12 months had been relentless. Full time sales job, building TTT, training and trying to lead a normal family life left me wondering how on earth I could keep juggling all of these balls. I made the big decision to leave my job in the middle of November. I really believed there was more in the tank if I dedicated a bit more time to training and recovery and at the same time I could build the business with more hours available but on my own terms. 

For somebody who is quite risk averse and being used to being paid on the 25th of the month since the age of 18 this was not an easy decision to make. But with the backing of Heather my wife, I came to the conclusion I didn’t really have a lot to lose. 

So here I am nearly a month on……what has changed? 

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10 weeks on from the race in Port Elizabeth, I thought I’d give a bit of an insight into the numbers behind what it took to win that day. But before I do I probably need to set this up.


I have been involved in sport pretty much all of my life. Triathlon for the best part of 23 years give or take a few years going off the rails at 18! This is important, because I have a long history in all 3 sports. Remember the 10,000 hours? I am there and beyond.

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But wtf do we do when we get there?

Winter or the off season is that time of year you get to re-focus, take on-board all the learnings from the last season, address any issues with technique, injuries or areas of weakness in your body and start to build a strong solid base to launch your next season off.

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