Ironman UK 2014 was to be my 4th Ironman distance triathlon. In 2013 I hadn’t raced much as I had a knee injury resulting in surgery. My recovery was slow and although I could cycle with little problems my running did suffer. I used my spare time to concentrate on my swimming technique and during my open water training I was aiming for a target time of around an hour, my cycling had always been my strongest discipline it was the running that had me worried. I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to run that distance.

The day of the race….Those who know me will be aware that I’d rather be 5 hours early than 5 minutes late, so there I was arriving at Pennington flash before transition had even opened! The weather was perfect, hardly any wind and warm enough for the 6am start. Read More

Tom and some of the team at IM70.3 Pays d'aix earlier this year

Tom and some of the team at IM70.3 Pays d’aix earlier this year

British Triathlon Championships (Liverpool) Race Report

There are times in life when you wonder what on earth you’re doing. This is one of them. It’s 6.45am and I’m standing in the driving rain, cold and barefoot on the side of the Albert Dock. With the exception of a few hundred other lunatic triathletes, the rest of the world is in bed. We do this for fun…right?!

I’m standing with sponsored athletes Chris Standidge and Iain Robertson. A friend of Chris’s comes over: “it’s the elites over here then?” he jokes. “This is the podium isn’t it?!” Chris and Iain look slightly awkward, all being well they’ll be right up there. I smile; “not me mate.” Read More

Tony Cullen Bike

Tony Cullen on Lanzarote’s Exposed and Windy Bike Course

After spending 12 months racing Olympic and 70.3 distance with the intentions of gaining some extra speed and power, it was time to see if it had worked as I returned to Ironman racing at Lanzarote.

The Swim (carnage!)

2200 athletes squeezed into a space of only 30 wide. When the gun sounded it was every man and women for themselves. I spent 3/4 of the first lap fighting for some space. After that it was pretty plain sailing and I clocked 59.20. Read More