Charlotte Edmondson

charlotte-edmondson-profileI started racing triathlon in 2015 and have quickly fallen in love with the sport!  Until now I have been racing sprint distance but my plans are to increase the distance to Olympic over the next year.

My favourite race to date has been Rhyl Triathlon (bar the jelly fish warning!) but I am looking forward to getting more races under my belt as my triathlon career grows. My biggest triathlon achievement to date would probably be winning my age group at Rhyl and placing 4th female (must have been the frantic swim away from the jelly fish that did it!) My favourite discipline would have to be the bike but the satisfaction of finishing the run is the best!

I had been cycling for a few years, and after completing a charity cycle of 520 miles in 6 days, I decided to try something new. A friend had suggesting giving triathlon a go, and after my first triathlon in Wilmslow, I won my age group and safe to say I was hooked!

If I do find any spare time outside of training, then it is usually spent shopping, or catching up with friends and family.

I came across TTT when I picked up a flyer at a triathlon and decided that in order to take my triathlon training seriously then getting a coach would be the next step.   The biggest benefit of being coached, apart from the increased time, for me is definitely the structure. No pain during training is worse than the feeling of guilt of a missed session.