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Total Tri Training offer bespoke weekly training plans for all level of triathlete.  From novices looking to get their first sprint distance triathlon under their belt, to more experienced athletes looking to make the step up to long distance races as well as elite competitors looking for national and international success, we have coaches with the relevant experience to offer you the best possible guidance, training and advice.

Triathlon is an incredibly demanding sport, not just on your body but also on your life and very few people have the luxury of work and family not interfering with their hobby.  Our coaching staff are well aware of this and can tailor your plan to the demands of your life. Having experienced busy schedules themselves they are well equipped to offer you the best guidance in terms of rest, nutrition and state of mind that many athletes fail to focus on but ultimately can lead to high levels of performance.

What’s included?

Training Peaks

Click on the image to view a screenshot of an example Training Peaks weekly programme.

Training Peaks Demonstration

Take a look at how team SKY uses Training Peaks as part of their training programme.

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