Gavin Rogers

  • Iroman PB 9h32 
  • Middle distance pb 4h14

Gavin has been coaching Triathlon now for over 16 years and has a level 3 British Triathlon Coaching Qualification.  He has been coaching triathletes of all abilities from beginners to world age group qualifiers in all distances.  Gavin has over 4000 hrs of 1-1 swim coaching with video analysis in an endless pool as well as in the swimming pool. He has coached Manchester Warrington and Didsbury Triathlon clubs.

He is also qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist.

Meet Gavin…

I was born and grew up in South Africa racing off road motorcyles at a national level from the age of 13.  In my 20s I decided to move to the UK and join the Parachute Regiment where I discovered and found the love for triathlon after seeing a poster wanting people to volunteer to take up the sport of triathlon and compete for the regiment. I thought… “why not give it a go?”.  I just thought of it as a great way to get fit and a way to approach getting ready for the pre Parachute selection course.  How little did I know that it was going to become my life long passion and I have never looked back since, which was over 20 years ago!

In the physical demands it took in test week to become a para, Gavin achieved the highest pass mark of 10 points gained out of 10 in all 9 events.  While serving in the forces he worked as a military physical training instructor, training recruits to become para troopers when not on operational duties.

Gavin has also competed in multi-stage mountain bike events like the 7 day “Trans-Wales” and “Trans-Scotland”.  Gavin has been competing for over 23 years in triathlon and has just come back to the sport after a 5 year sabbatical.  Being a working father of 2 girls Gavin knows how to strike a balance with training and family life.