Helen Williams

helen williamsThere are only so many times you can watch your husband chase sleeveless, lyrca clad nutters around a field. Still, if you cant beat ‘em, join ‘em. So I did. I had dabbled previously but it was in 2012, after our second child, that I thought I’d do a bit more in triathlon.

Like many of us with busy jobs and a young family it was difficult to get much time to train. I joined up with Beth at TTT in 2014 to try and give some structure and she has made an unbelievable difference. A 7 minute improvement at sprint distance  (getting me 4th overall) and a massive 32 minute at Deva (Olympic distance) in June . Beth has managed to get me to this point on just 6-8hrs training per week.

My favourite part of triathlon is the training! It’s great stress relief, you feel good and enjoy getting fitter. The race improvements are a bonus too! Having the structure Beth has provided has meant it has been possible to make significant gains whilst still balancing my time between work and family (including putting up with my husband and his terrible jokes).

My least favourite part of triathlon is T1. Watching me trying to get out of my wetsuit has now become a spectator sport. I plan to do a bit more at the Olympic distance next year, so I might have to work on this!