Martin Cain


– 5th overall Ironman UK 2012 (9h30m)
– Ironman UK 70.3 10th overall
– Frankfurt IM 9h17 m
– Helvelyn Course Record – 3h 27mins 50 secs
– North West Series champion 3 years running
– Completed the ‘Marathon Des Sables’

Meet Martin….

“I started in triathlon in 13 years ago, coming from a rugby background I needed to learn to swim and shed a few Kilo’s.  After a few ups and downs I got my swim to a respectable level and saw massive leaps in my performance from one year to the next.  With a busy work, family and training life I had to shoe horn my training in but managed to utilise my time to the maximum.

After winning the north west series 3 years running and beating a number of coursed records around the country I decided to apply for a place in the national elite series which I was granted. This was a steep learning curve but at the end of my first year I achieved a national ranking of 21st. I moved onto the Ironman Professional scene where I had varying degrees of success, notably though I took 5th place overall at Ironman Bolton in 2012.

My pro career was cut short in 2013 though after a bike accident saw me in hospital with a prolapsed disc.

Since then I have moved my focus onto helping others achieve their goals, working very closely with my local club. Notably providing training, support and motivation to an athlete who never imaging he could complete an Ironman. But in just 12 months saw a change in his weight, motivation, energy and performance culminating in a finish at Challenge Roth.

I always seek new adventures and aim to do my best rather than focus on others as I see this as the way to keep enjoying what you do!!”

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