Nick Rose

nick-rose-profileNick has been racing triathlon for 16 years with his first triathlon being Horwich sprint in 1999 of which he finished in 3rd. Having raced all distances, he has come to specialise and love Ironman. His favourite race to date was the Norseman triathlon in 2005, an extreme ironman distance race that is recognised as one of the toughest in the world – it starts with a jump off a car ferry deck into a freezing fjord, then a 180km bike ride starting with a 40km uphill section, then across the famous Telemark area of Gausta. Once off the bike there is a run that takes you to the top of a 2000m mountain top finish – what is there not to like!!

“I don’t have a favourite discipline but I do have a most disliked……the swim! I started racing triathlon because like many other ironman athletes I have an addictive personality. I decided to quit smoking and started to run 5kms, next thing I had signed up for an ironman, obviously!

To date I have completed 15 Ironman with a pb of 9h42 and I have raced twice at the Ironman World Championships in Kona.

I came to be part of TTT as I already knew Chris and his achievements in the sport and decided that getting coached by him was the next step to achieving my potential. Using TTT has meant I can leave the planning and nitty gritty to someone who can see my overall plan and progression for the year. I have my sessions waiting for me and I execute them. A fresh pair of eyes can also see the weaknesses without a sugar coating. Even though I have many years of experience of racing at Ironman there is always something that can be gained from a coached environment, this year I intend to make the most of the strength and conditioning side of my plan to ensure I come out of winter stronger and able to compete at a higher level, I will use my coach to ensure I make the most of these sessions in my overall plan.”