Pam Wilson

pam-wilson-profileI’m based in the North of Scotland and have been taking part in triathlon for 2 years.  I was inspired to take up triathlon after a friend of mine completed IMUK.  I got goosebumps when I heard about it and knew that despite being very overweight at the time and not having exercised for almost 20 years … I had to do it myself.  I met that goal at IMUK 2013.  I absolutely loved it and was so excited just to finish it that triathlon has now become a lifestyle choice … and I want to get faster!

I discovered Total Tri after seeing the photo of coach Tony Cullen at IMUK 2014 that was doing the rounds on FB, I googled Total Tri to find out more and joined them in Sept 2014 after meeting with Chris on a trip down south.  It’s still early days for me, but having someone who knows what they are doing scheduling all my training sessions means that I don’t have to think/stress about it … I get to focus on just getting the session done!