Paul Hancock

paul-hancock-profilePaul is an olympic distance triathlete who has been racing for 2 years within which time has qualified and raced at the World Standard Age Group Championships 2014 in Canada. He chose to move from running to triathlon as he was frustrated with constantly getting injured through running so though he would give triathlon a go to see if it made a difference and he now found his sport and his passion.

It’s a close content for him between the biking and running for his favourite discipline with swimming being his least. He joined Total Tri already knowing two of the coaches through his local triathlon club and wanted to take his training to the next step with some professional coaching.

Not that triathletes get much time for any other hobbies outside of family, work and training but if Paul does get a spare 5 minutes to himself then he likes to play the piano or try and get in a bit of reading – something that doesn’t involved phyiscal activity!

“I feel that the biggest benefit to being coached is a combination of having a well thought out training plan tailored for me, and the ability to discuss it with someone who understands my goals and aspirations. My performance has certainly improved since transitioning to being coached, and that is the bottom line.”