Plyometric and Strength exercises

Exercises 1 to 9 >>
knee tuck jump
box jump
standing long jump
lateral box jump
swiss ball jack knife
single leg hop
plank with oblique crunch
squat thrust (mountain climbers)
backward medicine ball throw

Exercises 10 to 18 >>
alternate elbow to knee
box sprints
butt lift bridge
catch and overhead throw
goblet squat
jacknife situp
kneeling lunge hip extension
lateral lunge
plate twist

Exercises 19 to 24 >>
plyo push up
push up close position
quadruped hip flex abduction
scissor kicks
single arm kettle bells
star jumps
star jumps
star jumps
star jumps


Exercises 25 to 34 >>
core circles
goblet hipflex
hipflex mobility
kneeling hammer throws
mid shin explosion
romanian deadlift
shoulder windmills
spiderman pushups
star jump
star jump

Exercises 35 to 44 >>
around the world squat
calf complex
clean and press
dynamic calf exercise
lateral lunges (weighted)
mountain climbers (squat thrusts)
plank with exercise ball
walking lunge with a twist
walking lunges
YTW patterns
star jump
star jump

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