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At the end of the 2014 season I had decided that IMUK 2015 was going to be my A race for that year as I had raced it twice before and had not been completely satisfied with my performances.  The idea was to build the training patiently throughout the year to hopefully peak in July for IMUK, accepting that earlier races were not going to be as successful as I would have… Read More

After a reasonably good performance at Challenge Dubai it was now only  four weeks until Ironman South Africa.  Preparation had gone okay over the winter although deep down I knew that I had not achieved enough bike miles with the weather being so bad during December and January. So I tried not to expect too much from myself, which was hard.  That said I still wanted top 5 in my age group.

I have a friend and fellow athlete in Dubai called Jason Harden, who called me up to let me know that Challenge had announced a new race, ‘Challenge Dubai’.  He asked if I wanted to go over and stay with him and do the race.  He is the general manager of Taj Hotels so he kindly offered to put me up. It is pretty well timed being four weeks out from Ironman… Read More