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  Most of us are not in the fortunate few where our sport is our career and for those non pros amongst us then we do our sport purely for the passion and the “fun” of it. I’ve always had an outlook that everything we do is all for the story book of life and when we are old, drinking tea and eating cake in our rocking chairs we can look back… Read More

It’s Dave from work’s fault. You know Dave from work. Everybody has one. And when Dave finds out you do triathlon you know exactly what the next six words out of his mouth are going to be: “So have you done an Ironman?” At this point nothing but the affirmative will do. Alistair Brownlee (who has never done an Ironman) could reply: “No, but I am the double Olympic champion at the… Read More

Fathers Day. Whilst most dads are enjoying a lie in on Sunday morning, the alarm has gone off at 5:45am. Exactly 2hrs later I will start a 50m TT from a lay by on the A49 just south of Whitchurch. Completely the other end of the spectrum in terms of glamour of your typical Ironman race. £8 to enter, clocking on at a local village hall, given a number to pin on… Read More