Tom Williams

It was 2010 when a friend uttered the fateful words: “Why not try a triathlon?”.

Had I chosen to reply:  “Sorry, but I think lycra onesies are just wrong,” I would no doubt be a lot richer, and a lot fatter, than I am now. But I didn’t and I have slowly progressed, focusing mainly on the Olympic distance.

I joined TTT in February of 2014 and have made huge gains. Bronze medals at the AG British (2014) and English (2015) Championships and even a triathlon overall win this year. I was as surprised as anyone! Another notable triathlon achievement was managing to lose a bike shoe, during a race, whilst riding the bike (if you think about it, this is quite difficult to do)!

Despite losing the occasional shoe, the bike is my favourite element of triathlon. Mainly because you are less likely to be touched up by a man in neoprene; or induce ‘coke eye’ by clumsily misplacing a well known sugary beverage into your ocular cavity whilst running. Cycling also has the most scope for equipment-based excuses:  “I think I chose the wrong rubber” is really only a valid after a poor bike split, or possibly in an ante-natal clinic. It is also the only time you’ll ever hear a man blaming a poor performance on the length of his crank.

The coaching I have had at TTT has been superb. It has taken me way beyond a level I thought possible, despite a job with silly hours and a young family. Not quite sure the effect it’s having on the kids though; Ben (6) is already planning his first race, and Ewan (4) looks way too comfortable in an aero helmet!  Plans going forwards are to try and get faster and do more at the 70.3 distance. And to keep writing not-so-serious blogs. It gives me something to think about on the turbo.