Training for any sport is demanding but when the sport has 3 disciplines then it becomes a difficult balance of training and life. We understand this and work your training programme to fit in with the time that you have.


Together we work towards your goals and to what you want to achieve with your training, be that to complete your first triathlon, your first Ironman or whether you are an athlete looking to take your triathlon racing to the next level.

In order to achieve your goals TTT looks at your training on a long term basis. Strength, fitness, speed and power are not things that you can gain overnight but are elements that build up over time, and we are here to work with you each step of the way to improve these 4 elements taking you to that next level.

Each 12 month training programme is split into four phases: base training, pre season, race season and post season. During each of these phases, your coach will tailor your training programme to work on the following areas:

  • Base fitness
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Race fitness
  • Endurance

All the while working on and improving technique throughout each area.

Individual training sessions vs. Group training sessions

Both are equally important for personal development and improvement. Individual training is important as everyone has a different training programme set at their own specific power and pace. It also builds self discipline and mental strength which is paramount in a race as there is no one else but you on race day.

Group training sessions are great for a number of reasons: it pushes you to train hard with others who may be of a higher level than you and therefore push you to levels of which you would not normally reach; they are great for picking up training and race tips from your fellow athletes and coaches; they are also just a great sociable way to enjoy your training!

Training with others is much more fun especially in the depths of winter when those dark mornings and evenings start taking their toll!  Our group sessions are great for learning training tips from both the coaches and other athletes as well as sharing race highlights, low points and general team camaraderie!

One to One sessions – One to one sessions are a great way to improve key areas of your training.  Working closely with one of our coaches means that you will get their expert knowledge and advice to improve your technique and efficiency.  Or if you are just looking for that push and motivation that we all need from time to time then a one to one session can be the drive that you are looking for.

Open Water Swimming – Open water swimming takes place in conjunction with Total Swim Training.  More information can be found on our TOTAL SWIM TRAINING page.

Running – Local running group led by Total Run coach Zoe McLennan in Holt, near Chester.  Every Monday at 6.30pm, approximately 5 miles.  Sociable run. More information can be found on our TOTAL RUN TRAINING page.

Training Camps

Our annual training camps are a great sociable way to get some fantastic pre race training in in some warmer climates.  All group sessions are coached by one of the TTT coaches.  The camps last for up to a week and athletes can come for as few or as many days as they wish.  See our TRAINING CAMPS page to find out more.

Nutrition & Well Being

Nutrition is something that is often overlooked by many athletes as well as their general well being.  Amongst our coaching team we have extensive knowledge on improving your nutrition which in effect will improve your performance.  Remember…what you use to fuel the machine is just as important as the engine itself!

We’re Here to Help

Your coach is only ever a phone call or email away if you have any questions or want to discuss anything about your training.

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