Triathlon Swim Coaching

Swimming analysis for Triathletes 

1-2-1 Stroke Correction and Video analysis.
Our swim coach Gavin Rogers has many years of experience coaching athletes of all abilities on a 1-2-1 basis using Video analysis to help with the correction of your stroke.
Do you feel you are not getting any faster with your stroke?
Have you hit a plateau and find swimming dull and boring?
Why not get your stroke analyzed by Gavin.

We film you using a extremely high quality, high definition camera from above and below the water from the side, in front, overhead and any other angle required. The camera angles are not fixed so if we need a close-up of a particular area of your stroke we will easily shoot it.

We provide you with this footage and sent to you via Dropbox.
This footage has a complete overview on what is wrong with the stroke and any correction that we have made.
You are also provided with a swim set to help you with these corrections.
Using our coaching methods to correct and refine your stroke technique we will rapidly improve your speed, efficiency, relaxation and confidence in the water

When you have practiced what you have learnt and feel comfortable to move onto the next stage then book yourself on another session.

Analysis with Video is £60 for 1hr
Analysis without Video is £45 for 1hr(Not every session requires video analysis but recommend that you do this on the first session as this provides you with a better understanding of what is wrong with your stroke)

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